Superannuation – Professional guidance to a better outcome

Don’t settle for the results of a basic superfund, its your future, you deserve better

Superannuation for most Australians is the main source of their retirement savings. With 90% of Australians on course to be drastically underfunded in retirement, it pays to make sure you’re getting the very best from your super. By simply increasing your returns by a few percentage points most Australians could make a significant improvement to their super once you factor in compounding interest over time.

In many examples by simply lowering client’s fees and targeting better returns through more attractive investment strategies, many clients are projected to increase their retirement savings by over 500K by retirement.


Our Approach

Reduce Fees

Minimise Risk

Higher Returns

Best Outcome

Getting the most from your super

NGA not only has access to over 500 retail and industry funds, we specilise in creating custom portfolios through more direct platforms such as wrap accounts or SMA’s(Sole Managed Accounts). This allows us more direct access into investments, often cutting out layers of fees by bypassing third parties. It also can allow our clients access to more attractive investment options such as wholesale or professionally managed funds. These are the types of funds that are normally only available to wealthy investors, as they are known to normally achieve higher and more consistent returns.

NGA can create a personally tailored investment portfolio that matches your affinity to risk but targets more attractive returns for a better outcome.

NGA can provide you with a free superannuation assessment with no-obligation advice so you can investigate if better options are available to you.

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